TERRE D'AGRUMES - Perfumed Good Luck Charm


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Citrus ground, woody citrus perfume.

Key notes: green tea, jasmine flower, musk & woody. 

The charm becomes a real jewel. Another reason to spread happiness and tenderness around you by offering one as a gift.

The product bonus
The TERRE D'AGRUMES refresher oil will revive and refresh the fragrance.

Shop for the Best Luxury Air Refresher. Offer someone a good luck charm! To hang from the door handles, in the closet or in the car or near a gentle, diffuse heat source. The luxury refresher oil will revive and refresh the fragrance.


* No two handmade pieces will be alike. The beauty of pottery and ceramics is that each piece has its own character and charm. They will be uniquely different, each telling the story of its maker and crafting process.