Under the Olive Tree: Journey to the Heart of Provence

Estéban unveils their new fragrance from the Classic collection, a woody aromatic fragrance. Discover a fragrance that takes you on a journey to the land of the olive tree.

In the heart of Provence

"Sous L'Olivier" is an evocation of Provence in the early spring. We let ourselves be lulled by the passage of time and the aromatic woody scents of this precious and beneficial tree.
A suspended moment where the house opens onto nature.
For centuries, the olive tree has been a symbol of peace and wisdom. This fascinating tree offers multiple benefits and medicinal properties that are passed down from generation to generation. Rich in oleuropein and vitamins (A, B, E and K), the olive tree is well known for its nutrition, taste, and therapeutic properties. It is also very coveted in the field of cosmetics.

Outdoors and indoors, the olive tree seduces with its beauty and its touch of Provençal sunshine.

Estéban is embarking on an olfactory rediscovery of the olive tree, Nature's legendary treasure and invites you to discover his new creation of home fragrance.

The genesis of the perfume “Sous l’Olivier”

"Sous l'Olivier" is a soothing home fragrance. It is a woody aromatic whose fresh and vegetal scents bring a feeling of peace and inner well-being. A true elixir of leaves and wood.
The fragrance "Sous l'Olivier" opens with fresh green top notes of olive leaves combined with aromatic dry notes of lavender evoking Provence.
The olive tree belongs to the Oleaceae family, just like the jasmine found in the olfactory pyramid of this perfume. Its floral heart of jasmine brings a touch of softness and comfort, subtly combined with green fruitiness.

As a symbol of strength, the olive tree is a tree that is characterized by a gnarled trunk with a branching appearance. It thus bears witness to the passage of time and to a much-appreciated wisdom.

Estéban reinterprets olive wood with a very rich interplay of woody notes for a natural trail that combines strength and comfort.

The design of the collection: elegance & modernity

Estéban reinterprets the olive branch in a pictorial way.
The stylists imagined a design based on current and graphic shapes to bring modernity and elegance to this collection. The vegetal and natural concept is represented here by a green background on which a chromatic palette is expressed, always in shades of green, and enhanced with a few touches of black to bring out elegance.

In addition, silver reflections magnify the illustration of the foliage of the olive tree in order to underline the precious side of this majestic tree.

Some facets bring a granite effect to evoke the authentic vegetable organic matter of the olive tree. A collection with a modern, fresh and vegetal design for a rejuvenating touch of escape in your interior.

A delicate soothing fragrance with which the mind relaxes under the benevolent shade of a majestic olive tree, where one likes to imagine that through the foliage of its branches there is a warm and rejuvenating Mediterranean sun. A feeling of inner peace transports you and makes you travel to the heart of Provence.

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