Tokyo, at the heart of perfume culture

In 1997, Estéban opened its first store in Japan, in the heart of Tokyo, and thus became, in the eyes of the Japanese, a pioneering brand in the art of perfuming the home.

More than 20 years later, there are many followers of the brand in Japan, seduced by its French refinement and its olfactory signature. Heirs to an ancestral perfume culture, the Japanese appreciate both the regular use of our perfumes, and using them as offerings during various traditional highlights.

To celebrate 20 great years of friendship and loyalty between the brand and Japan, our Estéban store in Tokyo has had a renovation.

Still located in the Ginza district, one of the most fashionable and prestigious in Tokyo, often compared to the Champs-Elysées in Paris or 5th Avenue in New York, the store is surrounded by the most beautiful flagships, buildings with sublime architectural lines and trendy shops.

A new setting for our perfumes

The architecture has been redesigned in an elegant and timeless style, like an olfactory experience workshop. Everything is thought out to allow visitors to experience the brand's values ​​and know-how.

Different spaces stage the decorative objects refined by color and fragrance, allowing the visitor to explore spaces that intrigue their senses.

The Perfume workshop will deliver some secrets of composition. You can smell the most emblematic raw materials and let yourself be transported by our perfume guides who will tell you the story of each of the most beautiful materials.

We hope that your visit is memorable, celebrating the marriage between Japanese refinement and French elegance. More than an Estéban boutique, a place of sharing and culture dedicated to perfume.

More than an Estéban boutique, a place of sharing and culture dedicated to perfume

Within the boutique, the vocation of our guides is to share with you each of our emotional journeys and to pass on to you the art of French perfumery. Symbolically, the Estéban boutique is one of the entry points to the Building Ginza Kohbako (The Perfume Box), the majority of whose installations are dedicated to the culture of perfume.

Next to the Estéban shop, a brand-new Koju shop dedicated to Japanese incense allows you to experience the Japanese ritual culture.

On the 1st floor is the “Koro ” space, a fine exhibition dedicated to the most precious woods selected for making premium incense.

On the 2nd floor, the “Koju-an” space hosts Koh-do (incense) ceremonies. A true refined and traditional Japanese art, the Koh-do ceremony is a moment suspended out of time, where one comes to learn how to listen to incense from the greatest Japanese masters.

Thus beats the new heart of perfume culture in Tokyo. This magnificent living cultural center dedicated to perfume already radiates the passion of the men and women who create, manufacture, and distribute the most beautiful perfumes in all their forms. We are happy to be able to contribute to this every day with our team in Japan.

We recommend that you contact the Esteban shop before you visit as hours may vary.

The  Esteban Boutique (Tokyo, JAPAN)
4-9-1 Ginza Chuohku

104-0061 TOKYO



Business Hours:11:00~19:00