My exotic atmosphere: immediate boarding

It immediately evokes travel, relaxation and vacations: this summer, make way for the exotic atmosphere in our homes. For a few years now, it has been available in different styles: often tropical, sometimes tribal, it can also evoke the atmosphere of a distant seaside or give a terrace an exotic look. Here are some tips to adopt the exotic atmosphere, indoors or outdoors, and make your home a relaxing corner of paradise ...

Indoors, an exotic "elegant" style

In order not to go overboard, the exotic style in the interior must remain elegant: we avoid the jungle effect and overly bright colors, and we focus on an atmosphere that works everywhere and all year round. The soft colors invite you to relax: the sandy shades and the variations of blue blend perfectly in a “Land and sea” shades. While the ocher and orange tones give a more Mediterranean, sunny and modern accent.

In the living room, we combine small touches of rattan and cane (which are making a big comeback in decoration trends) with beautiful textiles (linen, woven cotton, etc.). On the furniture side, natural materials, such as raw wood, provide warmth and contrast. Favor furniture with clean lines, which emphasize the material. A touch of driftwood, as a side table or as a light, accessorizes the room with naturalness and sophistication. Green plants, in raw or woven planters, nuance the beach effect and invite nature inside. On the scent side, we invoke the generous sweetness of Fleur de Vanille: the luminous white flower and gourmet vanilla transport the senses, immediately giving life to our dreams of the distant horizon ...

In the bedroom: an exotic style "all in tenderness"

In the bedroom, we use soft and soothing colors so as not to disturb the rest. Once again, prefer furniture made from natural materials and dare to use curtains (on the bed, on the ceiling, or on the walls) for a romantic travel atmosphere. Complete with a bamboo ladder as a clothes rack, seagrass rugs to dress the floors, and candles from the Ylang ylang collection to invite to a resolutely stylish cocooning.

Outdoors, it's time to relax

To finalize our exotic atmosphere, let's give the garden a holiday feel. Chilean chairs and woven cane armchairs are making a comeback and that's good: they invite you to rest in style. In general, deckchairs, hammocks and ottomans are perfect for creating the atmosphere of relaxation that makes us feel "like on vacation". The first gesture of relaxation is to let go: we therefore opt for cozy furniture!

Add to that warm colors (why not a little yellow or orange, here and there) and natural fabrics such as cotton or hemp for a decorative atmosphere that makes you smile. A shade sail, cushions and a few lanterns add the finishing touch that makes all the difference. For the floor, opt for a wooden floor in the pontoon style of a boat (a must to tread on with bare feet!) And if this is not possible, do not hesitate to overuse woven, cotton or rush rugs.

Finally, to transport your senses in the garden, think of scented bouquets or Indian incense which bring their exotic ritual: our attention is naturally focused on Monoï Soleil . Imagine: at the end of the day or at the weekend, you take off your shoes and go to the garden: the terrace has a tiare fragrance, suave and solar, which evokes golden skin, hot sand, paradise. Immediate escape: you are at home, but on the other side of the world!

If, as Nadaud said, “to stay is to exist and to travel is to live”, the exotic atmosphere combines both: we wish you beautiful sensory journeys, without leaving your familiar landmarks ...