Flowers to celebrate our Mothers

Celebrated in France at the end of May or early June, Mother's Day is a family ritual full of tenderness: it celebrates our mothers, their love, and the central place they occupy in our lives.

Since Antiquity, a flower festival

In Greek mythology, Rhea, the mother of Zeus and the gods of Olympus, is already celebrated in spring, the season which marks the rebirth of nature. The Romans expanded upon this Greek myth and celebrated their mothers by offering money and gifts, creating flower crowns, and making an offering at the Temple of Juno.

Mother's Day has since evolved over centuries and civilizations to reappear in the 20th century. In France, its creation is proudly claimed by the village of Artas in Isère, which celebrated it for the first time in 1906 (even if it was not made official until 1929). Around the same time in the United States, Mother’s day was recognized and celebrated, and the carnation served as a symbol of gratitude. The carnation was also recognized as the symbol in Japan, while in Australia it is the chrysanthemum, and in Mexico it is the rose.

Mucha - Spring / le Printemps 1900Mucha - Spring / le Printemps 1900

Symbolic Flowers

The rose is a great classic: known as the flower of love, it has a softness and femininity appreciated by many.

Peony, offers a fresh and refreshing scent, and is a great addition to a bouquet with its round buds adding green and an accent amongst other flowers.