Contemporary atmosphere for lasting decoration

"Contemporary" is said of an element anchored in its time, in phase with the artistic, philosophical or cultural currents of the moment. Nothing more current than a contemporary style. Feeding on different trends, it takes different forms according to individual tastes and inspirations: industrial, vintage, Scandinavian, in particular.

However, the style that today embodies the contemporary world is well and truly born of an era: the one that saw the birth of the Bauhaus movement and its taste for simple and elegant forms in the service of functionality. This is the beginning of what will later be called design and which will be widely popularized in the 70s: designing comfortable and warm interiors and furniture that facilitate everyone's daily life, whether through their ergonomics, their functionalities or the diversion of their original use.

While it can mix different inspirations, contemporary style nevertheless follows a few basic rules that instantly bring elegance, breathing and conviviality. Without reviewing all of its decor, here are some ways to create a contemporary atmosphere in its interior:

Principle No1: LIGHT & SPACE

In the contemporary style, the perspective is fashionable: we like the large open spaces in the "loft" spirit and the decorations that harmonize to create a unit in the house. To unify floors on the same floor, a plain coating such as waxed concrete or light wood running over the entire surface is particularly effective. The use of certain materials such as glass also helps to infuse fluidity and transparency, especially in smaller rooms. And in this area the glass roof has major advantages: its metal frame gives it a terribly modern industrial look, while its material helps us to delimit spaces without disturbing the circulation of light. We take the opportunity to cheat with the perspective by installing mirrors here and there, on dressers or low furniture.

Light is also an important marker of the contemporary world: bringing life and softness, we sublimate that coming from the outside with light upholstery fabrics and we boost that coming from the inside with quality lighting, distributed by designer lighting or metal suspensions.


Whatever materials are chosen to give life to this interior, they will be refined and of quality. Metal, inherited from the industrial style, is undoubtedly the one that best embodies contemporary style. Easy to maintain and modulate, it resists time and bends to the slightest of our desires. To create contrast, it is applied by small touches on the legs of furniture, shelves, the bar or the central staircase and it is mixed with other more "warm" materials such as leather (your leather sofa). club style has its place) or wood (an old workbench will make a great family table). Because the modern does not prohibit the natural, on the contrary, provided that it is of good quality and treated in a minimalist way. Lacquer, on kitchen furniture,

In terms of colors, light and neutral shades are in the spotlight, always to bring that clarity and that much sought-after impression of space. Linen white, charcoal gray and sand beige form the basis of the contemporary style, sometimes mixed with touches of copper or black, to add contrast to this refined decor. However, the most signed interiors do not hesitate to punctuate their decor with flashy colors, to assert a style more urban than rustic. Heather blue and bright yellow in particular bring that energizing touch that makes all the difference. Be careful, however, in fashion as in decoration, good taste recommends associating a maximum of three dominant colors.


In the contemporary style, the layout of the interior must above all promote fluidity of movement and range of gaze. So no more complex shapes, cluttered floors and cramped spaces: we prefer smart furniture that offers several functions - a daybed serving as a desk or a lamp serving as a clock, for example - and decorative objects with streamlined shapes that add character without cannibalizing the space. The shapes are basic, the lines straight and the decor uncluttered. Elegance mingles with practicality so that silhouettes and colors become graphic elements in their own right.

And to finalize this sober and refined atmosphere, the room fragrance is made in the image of the interior which it sublimates: without overload or superfluous, minimalist but full of promise. Resolutely modern. We will particularly appreciate the lacquered finish and the pure lines of the initial scented bouquet, newly applied to the fusion perfumes of the Elessens collection. The new 450g candles, for their part, bring a touch of clarity with their interior mirror lacquering while diffusing faceted scents in a vase vibrant with simplicity. To embellish everything with a light scented mist, the king diffuser will undoubtedly be the Art edition, with its graphic form, its many features (including the nomadic aspect for the Great Art) and its vibrant colors. There is no doubt that you will find in the novelties of the season all the necessary ingredients for a successful contemporary scented decoration.