A second life for my candle

Candles, we collect them by the dozen. Small or large, round or square, transparent or colored: it's very simple, our home looks like the lair of a master glassmaker. At Estéban, the majority of candles are refillable: refills allow you to extend the life of your favorite candle but also to vary the scented pleasures (20 scents available). However, we can also collect candle vases according to our desires and decoration trends. So you might as well give them a second life, of course.

Flowerpot, pencil holder, small storage, there is no shortage of ideas for recycling the container of your favorite candle! Estéban shares with you some ideas from our clients:

To transform your 3-wick candle vase, you will need:

1 candle vase 3 wicks at the end of its use
1 small knife or metal rod
1 freezer (not essential but very practical)
Compost, clay balls (or failing that, gravel) and water (for the flowerpot option only).

Step 1: Complete cleaning of the vase

The preliminary step in any recycling of a candle vase is of course cleaning the vase, that is to say the removal of any wax residues. Even after complete combustion, there is sometimes a little wax left at the bottom of the vase, which prevents perfect reuse of the latter. By cleaning it, the possibilities of reuse will be greatly improved.

In practice, there is a trick that makes this cleaning easier: put the candle in the freezer. On first reading, this tip may seem surprising. Nevertheless, it proves to be quite effective in stiffening the wax and detaching it from the glass wall, which makes it possible to obtain a solid texture which is easily demanded. By scraping the wax, it will then peel off effortlessly. For optimal release, leave your candle jar overnight in the freezer.

After having scraped off the wax and removing the 3 remaining wicks as well as the metal support for the wicks, simply clean the inside with a little soapy water and a sponge.
Once cleaned, you can then reuse your vase for another use. A simple, creative and eco-responsible gesture!

Step 2: Find a new use for your candle

The flower pot In a pot cover or as a flowerpot, your 3-wick candle vase will quickly find its place near the window or on the balcony.

For use as a flowerpot: simply insert your flowerpot (the diameter of which will necessarily be smaller than that of the candle vase) inside.

To transform the vase into a flowerpot:

Once the vase has been cleaned, place a few balls of clay (or gravel) at the bottom of the vase: this will allow it to drain. Add a little potting soil (standard or specific to the plant you want to repot, such as special cactus or succulent soil, for example) on top of it and gently place your plant in the vase, filling in the spaces between the plant and the glass walls with the rest of the potting soil. Water your plant just after repotting and place it near a source of light (while avoiding direct and permanent exposure to the sun, the idea is not to grill it).

The pencil holder
The pencil holder is also a smart recycling idea, easy and quick to set up. The unique graphics of your container will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your workspace once it is filled with supplies. We just like to warn you, its large size is a strong incentive to transform it into a storage compartment - so beware of all these little things scattered on the desk, they shouldn't hang around for very long.

Another diversion idea is to use these pretty vases as decorative pieces for the guest table. If, for example, you are organizing a themed meal, all you have to do is fill the vase with objects that match it (sand and seashells for a seaside atmosphere, sweets of all colors for a birthday snack, etc.). All fantasies are possible! The pot for the make-up Ladies, know that you can also recycle your candle vase into a nice container for the bathroom to store makeup brushes, varnishes, samples or even cotton pads. So your utensils are nicely displayed and your cottons find a new home, much more elegant than their usual plastic packaging (and easier to access).

Have you finished your mirror-lacquered 3-wick candle? Reuse its vase to illuminate your bathroom: your passing guests will remember it, and you, you will have a daily make-up area worthy of a star!

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