A 2nd life for my candle refill cap

Whether it's a coincidence (gift from a second-hand trendy friend - or simply someone who wants us well) or a deliberate choice, here you are in front of your Esteban candle refill, freshly purchased. This consists of 3 elements:

• Recyclable cardboard packaging, with illustrated instructions of how to set up your refill
• Cylinder of 100% vegetable scented wax made in our French workshops, enclosing a pure cotton wick
• A wooden cap from sustainably managed forests, bearing the label of the perfume collection

The 1st element is intended to be thrown away (after unpacking the wax, there won't be much left) and the second consumed (once installed in your favorite candle glass, the new block of wax will be immediately ready to be used), while the 3rd does not fit into either of these two categories. Rather than throwing away your wooden cap, we suggest you give it a second life, for the simple and good reason that it turns out to be an excellent accessory to slip into the small places.

Does the idea intrigue you? Continue reading…

For this DIY you will need:
• a wooden candle refill cover
• a pair of scissors
• a thin ribbon
• possibly felt, a needle and thread when making it into a Christmas ornament

DIY Candle – Step 1: Create your scented suspension

You have probably noticed that your wooden cap has 2 slots: One at the bottom, in the shape of a bean (we call it the "smile" opening), which is used to smell the perfume of the refill without unpacking it. The second, circular slot has been specially designed to allow you to hang your wooden cover wherever you want.

The 1st step in the DIY process consists of slipping a small ribbon into the slot provided for this purpose (ribbons that can be used include ribbons sewn at the shoulders of certain garments (an opportunity to reuse such material!) or even the ribbons used to close certain small tulle pockets (if done, take care to release the ribbon from its sheath using a pair of scissors).

Then tie the ends of the ribbon, leaving several centimeters of space between the knot and the cover, to give you some leeway in your possibilities of use.

DIY Candle - Step 2: Hang it wherever you want!

Coco Chanel said: "Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed". For this DIY, we advise you to slide your homemade suspension wherever you want to add a little scented touch (and especially the little corners that are not easily accessible).

We suggest (tested and approved):
In the "scented sachet" way: slide the cover between the towels in the bathroom drawer.

“Perfumed wardrobe” style: hang the suspension on the hangers of your wardrobeLike a “car diffuser”: attach the suspension to your interior mirror (taking care not to obstruct visibility).

Bonus DIY activity:
For the more creative among you, an additional idea would be to transform your suspension into a Christmas ornament. The creative possibilities are limitless!

** To not interfere with the fragrance naturally present in the wooden hood, we advise you to avoid decorative elements based on solvents or which could be absorbed by the wood (felt pens, glue, etc.).

An example to get your creative juices running… Cut out circles of colored felt or patterned fabric (2 circles per cover, leaving the felt protruding ~ 0.5 to 1cm from the contours of the cover) and sew the 2 elements as well formed around the wooden hood!

Don't hesitate to involve your children either: decorating the suspension by using colored pencils or other art supplies may keep them engaged for 1 or 2 hours in a fun and interactive activity 😉