BOIS COPAÏBA - Refresher Oil
BOIS COPAÏBA - Refresher Oil

BOIS COPAÏBA - Refresher Oil


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A woody gourmet perfume.
Key notes: coffee bean, patchouli, copaiba, tonka resin, cacao chip, and vetiver

Just a few drops are enough to create a delicately perfumed atmosphere. Use with our good luck charm to re-perfume or aroma diffuser.

The product bonus
Formulated like the best perfumes, our refresher oils owe their subtlety to a very high variety of components and to their purity. French manufacture, the most concentrated scent of the range, preservative free, recyclable glass bottle.

You can adjust the intensity of the perfume with the number of drops of your Esteban refresher oil.

Dropper bottle 15 ml - 0.5 fl. oz.

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